TGCA Bobbi Keating Nursing Scholarship

The already inadequate health systems of Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa, have been badly damaged by the migration of their health professionals. There are 57 countries with a critical shortage of healthcare workers, a deficit of 2.4 million doctors and nurses. Africa has 2.3 healthcare workers per 1000 population, compared with the Americas, which have 24.8 healthcare workers per 1000 population. Only 1.3% of the world’s health workers care for people who experience 25% of the global disease burden.

In the bush areas such as Uganda’s Kagoma Gate village, before The Giving Circle entered, this village had never seen a nurse or doctor.  Today Kagoma Gate village, once Uganda’s poorest village, thanks to people like you who support the Giving Circle’s work, has clean water, sanitation, a school and a clinic.

ONE Child dies every 60 seconds because of malaria.  Every day diarrhea kills 2195 children. Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

This was the norm in a village like Kagoma Gate and countless villages like it. Thanks to The Giving Circle clinic in 2017, for the first time in the village’s history, not one child died from malaria, diarrhea nor a mother or child die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

For medical care, villagers, children, the old, and the injured will walk for hours from other areas to clinics like ours and can overwhelm our small staff.

The cost of nursing school is simply out of the reach for the many young girls and men who wish to live their dream of being a nurse and help serve their people. 

The Bobbi Keating Nursing Scholarship, with your kind and loving help, can change this for these aspiring nurses and save lives.


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