Operation Caribbean Christmas UPDATE!

Because of SO many of you, Operation: A Caribbean Christmas Santa’s Helpers it was a VERY Happy day in St Thomas today!! A VERY HAPPY party with all the treats, sweets, gifts and gift cards.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to so many of you who, as you always do, come through to make the lives of others in need better, filled with love, joy and hope, knowing people they may not know or ever meet from far away, care about them.

Enjoy the pictures. Some pictures will show the vast damage that still exists with thousands and thousands of homes damaged, many with no roofs,  or only tarps.

The Giving Circle board member Beau Stallard is there working with our partner in the Virgin Islands: My Brothers workshop. We will be offering opportunities and forming teams to go to help rebuild, this is in the works now. More info on this soon.

This morning we also wired wired $15,000 to our partner in Puerto Rico which will be used for the students/families of a very poor school in the Barrio Patagonia Humacao that was hit very hard. The school has 150 students/families where each family will receive $100. The school will have a little Holiday party🎄 on the 19th, receiving the handmade holiday cards from our local schools along with $100 USD of Walmart cards….these are on  their way soon.

So, we did it!   While life there and the recovery will be hard for a long time, because of your loving kindness, there will be a VERY bright Christmas Glow over the islands where, still today most still have no electricity, but what they do have is the power of your compassion.

Note:  we are still taking donations for this campaign.

Any funds after this will be used to start rebuilding homes in US Virgin Islands with our partner, Our Brothers Workshop,  and in PR to put metal roofs on homes.

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