Operation: Granny Lift a SUCCESS!

This week saw  the completion of our Operation: Granny lift project bringing a most needed lift (elevator) to a MOST special woman, Granny Graeser​.  Granny is an amazing woman!  We first met her in the Gulf Coast when we started our years of work there after Hurricane Katrina.  Granny quickly became one of our team leaders there, a woman who also lost everything, she works endlessly to help others. This is her life, helping others.  From her work with us at The Giving Circle​ in the Waveland/Hancock county, Mississippi area, to her endless work with solders through Soldiers’ Angels (Official)​ and so much more. She also is so involved with our Ugandan children, she is truly a most loving being and a granny to the world.
Granny’s home is on stilts after the storm, the stairs have become just too much for her. Because of this we launched Operation: Granny lift to install this lift ending her hard and dangerous stair climbing. This most special woman, this woman of selfless love, will carry on her work helping others, now safe.  We will rest easy with no worries about her.
A very special thanks to all who donated and HUGE thank you to the amazing Walter J Gaudin​, who ran everything on the ground. He is such a great guy. In addition, of course, thank you to our brother Al Showers​ and the company that built and installed the lift.
Operation: Granny lift complete and our crazy, loving Granny good to go on helping any who need her!!
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