Our Busoga and Kagoma Gate Students Ace the National Exam

Meanwhile in Uganda, we’ve seen some more GREAT work by Moses. He brought together our P7 students from both Busoga and Kagoma Gate at our Busoga school to prepare for the national exams. They worked hard together in pretest prep. And 100% of our kids at both schools passed!

School is now out for students in all levels up to P7. A long summer vacation has started. The children from P1-P6 children are gone. With the addition of the KG kids for prep, there is not enough room in the boarding rooms. But soon, with the completion of the Robin’s Nest at our Koi Koi house, there will be plenty of clean healthy bunks. We’ll have eliminated any need for sleeping in the classrooms on the floor.

Oh a different topic, let’s celebrate the return of Lars P. Anholm to Uganda for six months. He’s working hard to get our hydroponics project up and running. We will be raising fish (Tilapia). And vegetables will be grown in the greenhouse. Great idea and work by Lars. We had to include here the fourth picture which shows us all that.



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