Party With A Purpose!

Greetings one and all!

We are looking forward to our annual fall gathering to share updates on the Midwife Project, enjoy a meal together, meet new people, and to be reminded of the true impact your support has made to so many.

“Listening causes connections and connections create empathy and empathy allows for change that matters and is real.” This is a quote from Melinda Gates regarding how to begin to solve big world problems on a local level. It also is the foundation of TGCA and the Midwife Project. We are Elizabeth’s listeners. She, in turn, listens to the needs of those she serves, building trust and connections as the primary healthcare professional for hundreds in Kagoma Gate and surrounding villages.

We are happy to report that our funds this year have supplied a second salary for a much-needed nurse and the supplies their increased patient load requires. We were also able to fund and distribute over 60 birthing kits that Elizabeth requested.

We will continue to listen. As Melinda Gates also said, “we are all drops in the bucket and when we provide what is needed, and not what we want to give, the bucket can fill with drops that create lasting powerful change.”

Our goal this year is to widen the circle. We would love to welcome new friends to our Midwife Project family, so spread the word. Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating our success together.


WHERE: Home of Caren Baker
608 Route 29
(SW corner, Route 29 and Middleline Road)
Middle Grove, NY 12850

PARTY: 3 Course Meal with wine and dessert bar

PURPOSE: To serve the health and birthing needs of the Ugandan people living in Kagoma Gate and outlying villages.

100% of your contribution will go directly to the nurse-midwife’s salary and needed supplies.

501-3c tax-deductible

Limited seating
Seats will be reserved with payment
Please RSVP by October 18

Checks can be made payable to The Giving Circle, Inc. with Midwife Project written in the memo line.
Please mail checks to Hope Neikirk, 4 Laury Lane, Scotia, NY 12302

To pay via PayPal:

Midwife Project, Donor

please write MIDWIFE DINNER in comment section

Sustaining members: one dinner is included in your $100 annual contribution.
Those wishing to be sustaining member may send a check to Hope or pay via PayPal:

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