Peg Bakaitis


I would like to introduce you to Margaret Bakaitis, her friends call her Peg.   She grew up on a family dairy farm and learned to drive a team of horses at age 10.

Peg graduated St Mary’s Academy in Hoosick Falls. Pic1

She met Jack in 1957. They married in 1959 and recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary.

Peg and Jack were blessed with four children. they lived in a trailer near the farm during thPic2e five years it took them and their children to build their own home.

Throughout the years Peg became involved local activities volunteering her time and talents. She spent considerable time not only in the classrooms but in their alumni association as well. Along with her children she resurrected the overgrown tennis court town while overseeing the local Youth Center. Peg enjoyed coaching a Miss Softball team and eventually became their umpire for several years.  Following working for the telephone company Peg became a school bus driver for 13 years at HFCS. She still managed to volunteer her time with school kids at HFCS, In between bus runs Peg began working for Hemmings Motor News, antique car magazine for 28 years until her retirement.

Peg has three grown grandchildren.  Also: for the past 30 years she has been bookkeeper and office manager their son’s excavation business.  (Hoosick Sand & gravel Inc.)



Throughout her life Peg stayed very involved with her church working in the kitchen, fundraisers, choir member,
Eucharistic minister but most importantly work that was accomplished while being a part of the building and grounds committee and in 1981 she was appointed director of St Mary’s Cemetery until recent retirement.

Most recently Peg was recognized for her work in furthering the development and restoration of a community playground. For several years (and now) she still collects redeemables to help with her project.

In 2005 Peg was able to forward several good used school books and supplies to the Global Child a school Phnom Penh in Vietnam.

In 2008 Cedar Rapids was inundated with flooding reaching the height of their schools goal post. Once again Peg was able to ship used school supplies, uniforms and sporting equipment.

With the help from Ron and Karyl of the Giving Circle books were sent to Waveland, Ms.

It was thru their suggestion that I contact Mark and Kelly which led to Africa which is why I’m here today.