Proof Sponsorship Works For Our Kids

 Proscovia “Prossy” Nakiranda , part of our first group of sponsorship children, has graduated and as of two weeks ago is a registered Social Worker. And we can thank the Siragusa family (Thomas, Alison, et al) for their sponsorship and great support.

When Proscovia’s father died of AIDS in 2006, she was left living in a state of deep poverty, going some days with absolutely no food. Her mother was doing manual work for neighbors to try to raise money for food, but developed a serious illness that still prohibits her working. Whatever hope Proscovia had of attending school was stolen. That was true until she came into our sponsorship program and came to experience the love and support of the Siragusa family.

Prossy’s success story is just one of the many our sponsored kids can claim. We have had children grow into young adulthood and achieve careers as certified nurses, auto mechanics, hair dressers, and much more. And, in addition to that, two more of our now grown sponsorship kids are in law school.

It just does not get better than this.


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