Providing emergency assistance

On arrival in Uganda, we set up a clinic in Mutai, a very poor village close to Kagoma Gate.  When Moses and I arrived the it was joy to see all the many many villagers there for help, the crowd was huge. The MOST GREAT Hope Newkirk, Sue , Caren , Elizabeth and Emmanuel were already hard at work.

I asked Hope how it was going so far and was told the very first 2 needed — 2 old women VERY ill — to go to the hospital. Hospital means their very poor families have to scrape together the funds requiring days, weeks, or never to get to the hospital. So these 2 old woman started struggling to walk back to their huts.

We have 2 cars So Moses, Kisuti and I loaded them in the cars to drive them to a hospital. One old woman was very very bad with an infection that must have started in the tooth and was now in in her ears and she could not see. They all believed clearly sepsis.

At the clinic the Dr started her on a drip strong antibiotics, and ran other tests confirming this infection is very bad and spread through her head.  In the morning Moses and I will take her to a specialist in Jinja, there is NO CT scan anywhere to be found but this doctor is amazing and had helped one of our children.  I paid for her treatment at the hospital so far but there will be more, its not a lot compared at home.

The second old woman presented with very bad back and abdominal pain. Again Elizabeth refereed her to the hospital because it was more than our clinic could handle as she found she has a hernia. At the hospital, the doctor ran many tests most came back good for an old woman he said she’s simply breaking down, BUT he confirmed she has a very bad hernia that could be strangulated.

I have prepaid for her surgery, her test and labs for today she will have surgery in 2 days.  Her surgery proved a great success and she is able to return home to her family.

Sadly, the first woman turned out to have more serious problems.  Her infections turned out to be cancer that had spread too far through her body to be survivable.  We brought her back to her home where we helped her family make her as comfortable as we can for her final days.  How we wish we could always report good news.

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