Rachael Dwyer


Rachael has been an active volunteer and advocate for the homeless in the greater Saratoga area for many years. She’s known to her family, friends and strangers as the first to lend a helping hand or compassionate heart. She holds a BA from The College of St. Rose and an MA from Walden University.  Since 2001, Rachael has been a nanny for the Nemer family and recently transitioned to Director of Charitable Giving at Nemer Motor Group. Ms. Dwyer has volunteered for several years in the Schuylerville Elementary and Middle schools. As a resident of downtown Saratoga, Rachael has seen firsthand the many challenges of the homeless community fueling her desire to get involved.  In 2013, she signed on to volunteer at the newly formed Code Blue Saratoga. While Code Blue is open you can find Rachael volunteering many late nights and early mornings. No task is too big or small. She can be found setting up or taking down cots, cleaning, checking guests in at the door, helping to serve meals or just lending a listening ear. Even on nights she isn’t volunteering, Rachael stops in to say hello and make sure everyone is doing okay.IMG_3891
The Giving Circle, providing an array of services for those in need was a perfect fit for Dwyer. Rachael has been part of The Giving Circle since 2015. During the winter months, Rachael collaborated with Patty Riggi and Melissa Russo to initiate The Giving Circle Street Outreach Team. Their goal was to stay connected and support the Code Blue community year round. On Thursday nights, from May to October, you can find Dwyer and her team serving a homemade dinner to more than 30 area homeless. The weekly gatherings are much more than dinner. The get- togethers allow the team to address issues that disrupt already challenging lives. From insurance coverage to transportation to a haircut, no request for help is ignored. Ms. Dwyer has made helping the homeless part of her everyday life. Each morning on her way to work Rachael stops outside Stewart’s and Salvation Army to say good morning and check in on those waiting to go inside for breakfast. Dwyer is always collecting and handing out clean clothing from the back of her car. She can be seen at the hospital visiting a homeless friend, the laundromat providing money and detergent, buying someone a meal, setting up phones, or taking a phone call anytime day or night from someone in need. With helping the homeless Ms. Dwyer has also developed a strong relationship with The Salvation Army and Shelters of Saratoga, both the faculty and guests that stay there. Rachael also volunteers as a member of the Hospice Touched By An Angel committee.