REMINDER: Sunday Afternoon With Liam

PLEASE consider a VERY cool and important fundraiser coming up very soon: The Summit Clothing Company Fundraiser for the Summit Forest.

WHERE: Saratoga Winery 462 NY-29 Saratoga
WHEN: Sunday, May 20th 4-7pm
WHAT: Live music, food, beverages, games and more
WHY: Help make a reality of the first TGC
Summit Clothing Company Self-sustainable Forest.
HOW MUCH: Just $20 per person
TICKETS: On line at…/fundraiser-ticket
At the door.

One-hundred fifteen acres are already under a twenty year lease. The funds Liam Rice’s company is raising will help clear that land and plant thousands of trees there. In three years, the forest will be thinned. Selling the downed trees will earn $30,000 usd, half of which will be used to start the 2nd Summit Forest.
After fifteen years, the first forest will have matured and be ready to cut. We anticipate that this will bring The Giving Circle $1.3 Million usd, rendering all our Ugandan / African projects self supporting. Replanting this land will begin the cycle again.
If we achieve the goal of thinning each forest every three years and using half the income to start another forest, The Giving Circle and our African branch will have many forests. We hope that this program will annually produce a mature forest ready to harvest and, we believe, offer over a million dollars of income. These funds will support and grow our projects in Uganda, then throughout Africa, and eventually throughout the 3rd world. It is this self-sustainability that is integral to the mission of The Giving Circle.
We can be very proud of Liam Rice, an amazing young man. He will continue the work long after the geezers like me can’t.
Please read about this important forest at

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