Renovating the “Black Elks” Lodge

The Frederick Allen Lodge #609 (nicknamed "The Black Elks Lodge") was established in 1925 and occupies one of the oldest buildings in Saratoga Springs, dating to 1845.  The lodge is one of the few remaining groups dating from the era when African-Americans were excluded from the national Elks community.

In 2010, the Lodge received a grant to restore their building on Beekman Street, considered an historical landmark.  Unfortunately, the funds they had were only enough to purchase supplies and not enough to hire crews to perform the work.  Hence, the City asked The Giving Circle to assist.  Since then, it has organized several volunteer work sessions to renovate both the interior and exterior of this relic from past years.  As anyone can tell, the building is in amazing condition compared to where it was just a few short years ago.