SGS & The Giving Circle Partnership for Hurricane Harvey!

It is official. The Giving Circle will be again be returning to our disaster relief work. The suffering and damage is massive and our skills at this work and your compassion is again needed. This time, Texas.

Please meet our partner for this project: SGS. As you know, Kelly is an executive with SGS, a company with over 90,000 employees world wide, including many in Texas and the Houston area.

This is still very early in the possess, although I will fly in to meet with the Texas-based SGS team, who will be helping us with this. We will work to establish a volunteer center where our volunteers will stay, shower, eat and rest.

For people who have volunteered with us before know how life changing this is for the people suffering so badly now and for you, the volunteer. There is work for EVERYONE, no special skills are needed. You just need the desire to help.

It will likely be a few weeks before we would start making trips to Houston. We are really experts in being the 2nd “wave”, if you will. After the rescue and recovery and once the waters are receded, our expertise is cleaning out and gutting homes making them ready for rebuilding. While we are also really good at the rebuilding, much of this for the early stages for this disaster, we will be gutting homes and what ever rebuilding can be down while we are there.

We will have a website up in a day or so for this project. We will also be looking for items to be donated. I am working with a company that may offer a truck to send down. More to follow.

Please stay tuned for more info and feel free to contact me at

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