So It Begins In Afghanistan

So It Begins In Afghanistan



I was most happy to wake to an email from Negina Yari of Afgans 4 Tomorrow who, along with Attal, are our partners in Afghanistan. These pictures are of the planning meeting for The Giving Circle Afghanistan’s project to construct a three classroom addition to the high school and to provide the students with new school supplies. This is happening thanks only to many of you!

Negina Yari, Attal, and Principle of Sahib (sir) Sheikh Yaseen School met yesterday, discussed the implementation of the project, the work plan, and the process to follow for the purchase of material.

Soon the walls will start to rise and with them HOPE will rise as well. The growing school will have three more rooms to accommodate the growing student body.

Nelson Mandela tells us that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. The Giving Circle is now part of that change in Afghanistan.

Great job leading this project, Reese Fulmer, and thank you to all who helped make this happen.

On to the next project for Afghanistan. More information can be found at .


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