Summit Forest

Sustainable Eucalyptus Tree Farm

At the core of The Giving Circle’s philosophy is selfless compassion, helping others as to what are their real needs, not to what others or we may believe are their needs.  At our core is the respect of the other, the one in need, the one suffering.  Never looking down at them with pity but rather with love and compassion, thankful we have the ability to help them get back on their feet. Our core message is: if you are hungry, we will feed you and then, we will help you feed yourself. If you need shelter, we will help you build shelter, involving and teaching you how to build shelter for others.  If you lack education, we will help you attain education for a better life to sustain yourself, family and community, and then, encourage you to travel the world sharing this gift of education.

We do all this as a family, free from any judgment of race, nationality, or other illusions man has created to separate the human race. We wish only to help you get back to your feet, to an equal ground and dignity, where all humans should stand.  We do not wish to be needed, we wish after to only be remembered and loved as family.  The greatest goal is not to be needed but only to be loved for your act of compassion.  The greatest gift is not thank you’s, but to see ones who suffered now stand alone, happy, healthy successful, kind and sharing the compassion they received with others in need.

The best way to help Africa, and the entire 3rd world, is to help them stand on their own feet, this is what they desire. And the best way to do this is through education. A real quality education, helping to create self-sustainability and jobs. We do this by respecting their histories, their ways and cultures and asking and involving them always.

The core of The Giving Circle is the belief we are all interconnected, all interdependent, all seeking to be happy, and to be free from suffering. The core of The Giving Circle is the belief that all beings want to help others and together, in even the tiniest to the grandest way, can change the world.

The very key to the success of our work in Africa is not only to build our schools, a teachers college, orphanage and other important projects, but also to assure a structure and the systems are in place to make all we have worked together to build is sustainable  self sustainable! Income to support the work assuring generations of success but also jobs and pride.

The Giving Circle wants to be remembered in all places we work but never needed, and the people of the 3rd world also wish this, not to be cared for as a child, but to be helped to their feet, just as a family does.

The Summit Forest Sustainable Eucalyptus Tree farm

This forest will become one of the greatest keys to the long-term, generation after generation, success of all the great works and achievements of The Giving Circle.

This project lead by TGC board member, Liam Rice, and his Summit Clothing Company line, will assure the long term success of all we have built long after, my (the founder’s) time is over. This old man’s heart will lie at rest years from now, happy.

The need for the lumber and other uses for Eucalyptus lumber/trees in Uganda is endless and not declining for many decades, in fact, the growth in need is exponential.

Eucalyptus Trees:

  • Native to Australia, saplings now also being grown and provided from California.
  • Also known as the Gum tree, there are more than 700 species only, where 15 species grow outside of Australia.
  • The Eucalyptus Tree is one of the 10 fastest growing trees in the world and well adapted to Uganda’s 2 growing seasons.
  • The species we will plant is a hybrid which is bred fast, tall and very straight with many trees used for poles.

Total growth time:

  • 12- 15 years for full growth.

After 3 years: the thinning process:

  • After 3-years of growth, the thinning of the forest will occur producing a profit that exceeds initial investment.
  • This thinning will allow the strongest trees to grow the largest.
  • The thinning trees will be sold as poles used for any number of things from building, such as roof joists, rafters to scaffolding.

The Plan

  1. The Giving Circle Africa NGO will lease Summit Forest land from the Ugandan Government under the control and ownership of the trees.
  2. Summit Forest will be comprised of 50 hectare of land. One hectare equals approximately 2.47 acres.  This will make the Summit Forest a total of 123.5 acres.
  3. The lease will last a total of 20 years for each lease cycle.
  4. The Ugandan Government offers this program in part to control deforestation and global warming/pollution and protection of erosion into the River Nile, which our land runs parallel with, seeking to keep large parts of Uganda with constant tree growth.
  5. Large international companies e.g. India’s Nileply, control thousands of acres, but so do organizations like many like us, every day Ugandans.
  6. Cost per acre and lease structure:
    • The lease will be 20 years per cycle
    • The lease cost is paid once upon execution of contract.
    • The cost is 600,000 UGX shillings per hector/$168 / 30million @ $171  = $8,520 USD total for lease of 123.5 acres covering a 20 year period.

Other Start-up Costs, Clearing, Planting and Undergrowth Control

Additional start up costs:

Included in the start-up cost is labor for the clearing. All of the pines and hardwoods of no value will be used as fire wood at both our Busoga and Kagoma Gate Schools, giving us a good savings over the next year by not needing to buy fire wood.  Some of the wood will also be milled and used for our building projects and sold off for profit. The savings for our schools kitchens/school operational costs is most welcome.

  • Seedlings = each 600 UGX shillings ($0 .17 USD) x per hectare 1200 seedlings $204 per hectare x 50 hectare = $ 10,200 USD
  • Labor costs first planting and clearing first 3 years  = 25% A land lease + B
    • Bush clearing, planting weeding – administration = $4,000 USD

Note: local villagers providing income for families will do all the work.  Clearing of land will include the cutting of existing trees on land

It is projected that income from cleared lumber will offset much of the clearing and first planting costs. The hardwoods that are located on the land, we will sell for a high cost, depending type of hardwood.  In addition, small crops can be raised and “sub-leased to locals” in exchange for weeding and helping to produce bigger and faster growing trees. No costs to weed after intuitional planting while reducing the projected on-going weeding, to keep the brush low. This also allows local villagers free land to grow potatoes and other low growing plants.

After 3 years: The Forest Tree Thinning Process

From initial planting of 1,200 trees per hectare, we will reduce to 800 per hectare with thinning the trees sold for construction poles. These poles will sell for 4,000 UGX shillings each.

  • 400 trimmed poles per hectare x 50 hectare = 20,000 poles. Selling for 4000 UGX shillings each = 80 million UGX.  This will produce a 3-year profit of $22,400 USD.

An initial ONE time startup investment of $22,200 USD  produces income $30,000 + $1,320,000 profit of $1,350,000 USD!


Summit Forest Sustainable Eucalyptus Tree Farm

Total Amount