Team Aquaponics in Uganda!

A HUGE THANK YOU and Congratulations to the Washington State University Tri-Cities Electrical Engineering Team Aquaponics and Professor Scott Hudson. Their project “Solar Aquaponics System for Kagoma Gate Village” received 1st place, yes, you read that correctly:  FIRST PLACE at the IEEE Undergraduate Presentation Competition Wednesday (4/12/17) at the University of Idaho.

We are overjoyed that our long time supporter of The Giving Circle and friend, Scott will be part of this years team going to Uganda with us!  During the trip, Scott will install this amazing project and, in addition,  his students designed and he will be,  bringing solar light to the newly completed 2 class room school block at Kagoma Gate.

Scott will have helpers from the US and our Ugandan team/family, and of course,  our team Engineer Emma Walubi.

These projects are both game and life changers for both our Kagoma Gate & Busoga schools and village!

Hunger and food instability is a constant worry compounded by the current drought and future ones to come. This form of farming can help greatly in changing this.

Amazing work!


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