TGC Holiday Miracle Family #1


         Meet Family the Lefebvre/Irwin Family

Irwin2 Irwan

Little Milana Lefebvre is 7 years old, living in Ballston Lake with her mother, Kristin, father, Andrew, and siblings, Angelo 10, Te’a 9, and Anamaria 4. The family live in the basement of Kristin’s parents home sharing the home with her father and older brother, Tommy, who suffers from severe autism. The children lost their grandmother a short time ago to cancer.

Milana has a very complex medical history with no official diagnosis. All of her medical care is at Boston Children’s Hospital, which requires countless trips to Boston.  Milana has daily seizures, unexplained vomiting, she is non-verbal, not mobile, tube fed, has cortical visual impairment (which is actually neurological) as well as hearing impairments. She has had emergency medical situation pop up like a broken femur, internal bleeds, and other things.  She requires 24/7 care.

The family wants nothing more than to find ways for Milana to experience joy, peace and comfort.

Friday Dec 9th

The family will leave for a 3-day special vacation to the Lake George Holiday Inn Resort.

The first team will arrive on the site shortly thereafter to remove years of accumulated clutter to a waiting dumpster and then the house cleaning will start.

This team of volunteers for Friday is complete!

Saturday Dec 10th

This is the BIG team requiring many of Santa’s helpers.

Work will include a good deal of remodeling:

  • Creating new storage room(s)
  • New mud/laundry room including a new washer and dryer
  • New science & space bedroom for Angelo (10 years old)
  • New Yankee bedroom for Uncle Tommy
  • Newly renovated prince room for Te’a and Anamaria
  • Renovated bathroom
  • New and VERY special sensory wall for Milana
  • House cleaning 

Sunday Dec 11th:

  • Finish cleaning
  • Decorate living room as if a Christmas bomb exploded
  • Set up and decorate a holiday tree
  • Gifts under tree for kids & family
  • Holiday table set with a bountiful Holiday meal and LOTS of holiday treats, including a custom made cake for the family
  • Santa!!
  • Then, the pure joy of welcoming the family home!

What we need:

So many parts of the project and needs have already been donated, but we still have a few things! 


On Saturday, December 10th,  we need people, Santa’s helpers, and no special skills are necessary.

People to clean, paint, renovate, decorate and stage the home.   To volunteer please contact Mark.

 Supplies and other donations needed:

To donate items, a monetary donation, details on dates and times, or to volunteer, please contact Mark!


The last of the Holiday Miracle is complete when Kim Klopstock delivered to the Lefebvre family their very special Christmas meal. While there, Mark mentioned to Angelo that Santa sent us a  letter Santa asking if we could help his family because he loved them so much.

Well Angelo jumped out of his skin with excitement so Mark told him he would e-mail the Santa letter to his mom. After some scrambling, here it is with pictures of Santa’s helper Chef Kim’s delivery.

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