Be a dream maker for deaf & disabled children!

Every parent dreams of a better life for their child, filled with opportunity, education, health and happiness.

In poor countries like Uganda, education for healthy children is hard to attain.  For deaf and disabled children, it is nearly impossible.  The reason is there are too few, or no schools, with programs for deaf and disabled children.  Also,  families have very limited funds and will always educate their “healthy” children first.

Two years ago, at our Busoga School, we developed a first of its kind program for deaf children.  These children were never before educated.  In our program, all students in our school, hearing and non-hearing, all learn sign language.

We have since expanded our programs to welcome children with any type of disability, making our school a safe, welcoming, educational home for ALL children. In 2017-18, we will expand to welcome over 100 children with disabilities.

Because these poorest families with disabled children simply do not have the funds to afford school, we must fully fund these very important programs.

Costs include:

  • special teachers and their training and equipment
  • 3 meals per day
  • boarding
  • supplies
  • uniforms
  • personal care support,
  • and for many of the disabled children, we must also provide transportation.

All healthy children walk to school, some for many, many miles.  For the deaf and disabled children, this simply is not possible nor safe.

These children and their families dream of an education!

Can you become a dream maker?  Can you become the Champion these children deserve?


For $50 per month (just cost one cup of coffee per day),  we can make the dream of education and a better life a REALITY!

Please help us continue to build a community of support for this project: supporting the deaf, disabled and special needs children at our Busoga School.

You can contribute either by becoming a dream maker sustaining partner or a one-time gift to this project.  Sustaining members contribute automatically – either $50 per month or $600 annually.  You may also choose another amount over $60 per month as a recurring donation if you prefer.


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