TGCA Team Coming Home!

Today is always a hard day, its the day we leave. Its been an amazing trip, with amazing team, Ann Lamoreaux Fantauzzi, Bill Reilly , Lourds Lane and Dr Manny Cirenza to spend almost 3 weeks with our amazing African based Giving Circle team/family Moses Wambi Emma Walubi Cecilia Kagya, Mwesigwa Paul Kisitu Yassin Elizabeth, Sangrao, Peter, all our teachers and staff and all of the Ugandan family we thanks to so many of you, we serve.

The advances we are making, the lives we are improving, bringing all the things that bring such great hope to beautiful people.

EVERY single thing we do, everything we accomplish is 100% because of all of you who help us make this happen.

We are at the Koi Koi House with our sons and daughters right now, but Its time to head to the airport for 2 very long flights. While we can dust off some of the red dust from our clothing and shoes you can never shake from your heart our Ugandan family.

As always a HUGE thank you to Moses and Cecilia for always having my bedroom ready at my home away from home at their home. My time with them and their children is pure love.

Next stop Entebbe, then Amsterdam then on to Boston then home to my love Kelly Mommakoikoi Bertrand!

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