The 3rd Announcement of TGC Compassion Award: Michael Christopher Orza

 The third winner announcement for the 2018 Giving Circle Compassion awards: TGC US-based Team Member whose Actions Internationally Displays the Embodiment of Compassion – congratulations Michael Christopher Orza , my brother who is always there for us and all we do He shows this commitment for all his causes. + His love for the children of all our projects is amazing; his love for his Veronica boundless. Quick example, whenever I arrive at the Koi Koi house all the kids come running for hugs and Veronica is the first to jump into my arms. But, when Michael is with me, she comes running certainly but right past me into her Michael’s arms. I am clearly second fiddle when Michael is with me.

Come join us this Nov 29th to honor Michael Christopher Orza and his boundless generosity as well all the winners of Compassion awards.…/2018-compassion-awards/ Please get your tickets now.

Watch tomorrow and for each of the next four days so you can send congratulations to the next winner of a Compassion Award.


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