The 4th Announcement of TGC Compassion Award: Longfellows and the Olde Bryan Inn.

Fourth announced winner of the 2018 Giving Circle Compassion Awards: – the Local Business Whose Actions Display the Embodiment of Compassion. This year we’re honoring Longfellows and The Olde Bryan Inn. These two restaurants, whose actions display their selfless compassion, combine to be the local business that most influenced or touched people of the Saratoga region. We extend heartfelt congratulations to Longfellows and The Olde Bryan Inn.

All who know these two restaurants are aware that, beyond their amazing food, they are remarkable for the great kindness they always show the needy in addition to being invariably ready to provide food and location for charitable events.

Come join us this Nov 29th to honor Longfellows & The Olde Bryan Inn and all the winners of Compassion Awards.…/2018-compassion-awards/

Watch tomorrow and for each of the next three days so you can send congratulations to next announced winner of the TGC Compassion Award.



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