The 5th Announcement of TGC Compassion Award: Kevin “Wheels” Wheeler

It’s day five and time to announce number five of the seven winners of the 2018 Giving Circle Compassion awards: Today we congratulate Kevin “Wheels” Wheeler, winner of The Serge Shishik Memorial Local Team Member of the Year-Whose Actions Display the Embodiment of Compassion and Who Through Selfless Compassion Most Influenced or Touched People Both in the Saratoga Area and Nationally – Award.

All who know this good man know that, whenever a call goes out asking for help rebuilding homes, he is one of the first in line with his skills and tools. And he always lights up the job site with his huge heart and many jokes, none of which I can use here.

Come join us this Nov 29th to honor Kevin (Wheels) Wheeler and all the winners of Compassion awards.


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