The 7th and Final Announcement of TGC Compassion Awards: Ed & Lisa Mitzen!

At long last, we’re making the seventh and final announcement of our most wonderful award winners. We are so happy to honor Ed and Lisa Mitzen, recipients of the 2018 Giving Circle Compassion Founders Award for person(s) whose lifetime of action is the embodiment of Compassion. It is terrific to add their names to the list of recipients, which included Sister Charla Commins, Kim Klopstock, and last year’s winner, Jim Towne who’s agreed to serve as one of this year’s co-chairpersons.

Congratulations to Ed and Lisa! Everyone certainly agrees that you and your Fingerprint Marketing are truly exemplars of kindness, compassion and generosity. The Mitzens’ compassion has no boarders and no limit. And it’s always extended in a quiet way, never seeking the spotlight.

Come join us this Nov 29th to honor Ed and Lisa and to meet all 2018 winners of Compassion Awards. You’ll enjoy the company of great people, be presented with wonderful food by Kim Klopstock’s Lily and the rose, and listen to the excellent jazz of Patricia and the Jazz Colleagues…/2018-compassion-awards/

We hope you join us and all the winners on November 29th to give each winner a huge congratulations.




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