The Giving Circle Outreach Team

As ALWAYS, we are SO proud of our outreach team comprised of 3 amazing women. Today the team put on The Giving Circle’s Outreach Christmas Eve party for our homeless friends/family.

The Giving Circle works 365 days a year in so many places (thanks to so many of YOU) but we were born out of a disaster called “Operation; A Cajun Christmas“. It means so much to us to always make this time special for ALL (no matter of belief etc)!

This year we had holiday parties in 🎄Uganda (video to be posted soon) and at Code Blue today 🤶 our annual partnership with Franklin CC proving Christmas for so many local families 🎅 St Thomas 🎄Puerto Rico 🤶❤️🎄🎅

2017 was our best year yet and We have SO MUCH Planned in 2018! The Giving Circle is family welcome to ALL. Please consider becoming part of this ever expanding circle of giving – compassion – HOPE.

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