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Sustainable Rabbit Program

Bunnies for Busoga

Improved school meal nutrition * sustainable * education * student empowerment * fun

Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five, that's 3.1 million   children per year.

A major issue we face in Uganda is poor nutrition and hunger.  We have feeding programs at both our Kagoma Gate and Busoga Schools feeding the children 2 meals each day at Kagoma and 3 meals each day at the Busoga boarding school.

Protein is lacking in the meals in Uganda.  This provides the most important development and energy-producing micro-nutritrion such as iron, zinc and calcium.

To address this, we are developing a rabbit-raising project with the main rabbit huts residing at our Busoga School and smaller huts residing at Kagoma Gate Friendship School and the Koi Koi House Orpahange.

This program will provide:

  • much needed protein to the meals of our children
  • hands-on life science and farming skills "classroom" for our students
  • fun and responsibility for the students working with the rabbits

​This is a great fundraiser project for your child's school class, church program, girls and boy scouts and 4H groups to help the children of Uganda!

Our fundraising goal is $3,500 and will supply everything we need for this very important, sustainable project to feed children for generations!

"if we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger", Buzz Aldrin



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