This Playground Is For Everybody

We have 4 play grounds in Uganda, one at each school, one on our land in Wairaka, and one at the prison for the children of staff and inmates. We believe every child should slide, run, jump, play, and swing. Some of our children can neither run nor jump. Nor, until now, could they swing.
We extend GREAT thanks to Daniela Filmer, Holly Nash, Kim Benincasa, Carrie Ann Schilling, and others in their network of home caregivers. With their generosity we can announce a change in the limitations on play. Now at our Busoga school, with programs for deaf and disable children, even our children in wheel chairs (like, Kaddu, Byamukama, Tommy, and our new Koi Koi son Balibona Umar) will be able to swing in a wheelchair swing somewhat like the one pictured. Our welder will build the swing. Thank you so much, girls. You will never know how much this means to these children. Our goal was to establish a school that is 100% inclusive, serving children both “healthy anddisabled.” That goal has now been met.
One “funny thing”: notice that in the 4th video clip our most special Nakazi Juliana I both kind of walk the same now.


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