Trans-Border Global Freight & Hellwig Family


The Hellwig family has been involved with The Giving Circle since the spring of 2012, when Victoria was forwarded a Valentine’s Day e-mail from a local friend.   In the spirit of the holiday, she approached her father asking if the family could become involved in TCGA child sponsor program. Martin generously agreed, and the family has since sponsored their beautiful daughter Afuwa, and more recently a new young whippersnapper named Mondo.

Hellwig Family Photo

The family’s involvement in TGCA has grown over the years, because as the famous rapper K’Naan puts it, “every time I felt the hurt, I felt the givin’ getting me up off the wall” (Take A Minute). Our family has faced our fair share of hardships, and TGCA has provided a means for us to feel fulfilled on many levels. Marty and Jill helped incorporate the family’s passion for horses by naming one of the family’s racehorses after our African daughter, and Afuwa the racehorse was able to bring in plenty of joy (and funds) for our TCGA family locally and abroad.

Victoria and Alexandra both made the trek over to Uganda this past summer, where they were able to see firsthand the wonderful work being done by the organization, and just how far a mere $35.00 a month can go.   The experience solidified our devotion to the cause, and we hope to inspire many others to follow our lead in the effort towards creating sustainable, long-term development and happiness for our Ugandan brothers and sisters.

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