Very Tired After A Big Day


We had a GREAT Koikoi House birthday celebration. But I’m too tired now to post any pictures; the tremors and difficulty walking leave exhausted.

BUT, wait, I need to share ONE story. Please read!!

Of course we were delighted to see ALL our sons and daughters. But then my heart was touched particularly by Moses’ and Cecilia’s oldest daughter, Muyama Keturah, a child I love so much. She’s now in high school and SO VERY SMART. When she arrived, with tears in her eyes she hugged me and said, “Poppa, I no longer want to be a surgeon; I will now be a neurologist so I may cure you and no one will suffer like you again.”

It’s true that I fall down sometimes or I may be terribly tired and in pain. There are days when worry consumes me, nearly over whelms me. But then something like this reminds me why we do this, how much we love these very special people.

Well,OK. You talked me into posting two pictures. First is Keturah (on the far left) with three of our Koi Koi Daughters. The second picture is of our Koi Koi daughters in their NEW dresses, handmade for them and so pretty. In fact, judging by the poses, we’d have to say they are our very own runway models.



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