Washington State University Tri-Cities Engineering Students Partnership!

We would like to thank a long time friend, great supporter and member of TGCA family: Professor Scott Hudson.

Scott and his electrical engineering students of Washington State University Tri-Cities are helping us with not one, but TWO amazing projects (gifts) for our Ugandan school.  One is the gift of solar and the second is the gift of sustainable food.

AT KAGOMA GATE: will be an incredible solar system on the 2-classroom block (seen in picture below) which our Friends at Fingerpaint Marketing have just donated the funds for us to complete.


This 2-classroom block serves as class rooms, village church, village meeting hall, place of celebrations and more. Now, thanks to this solar system, they will have good light well into the night.

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AT BUSOGA: This is an amazing project for our Busoga school.  The WSU Tri-Cities electrical engineering students are designing and building a solar power-powered aquaponic system to enable us to grow vegetables and raise fish in a self-contained, very-off-grid system which will be located in our greenhouse.


Uganda, like much of Africa, is struggling with drought yet again, as seen in this video.   This system can and will change this. In time we will expand this system and duplicate it at our Kagoma Gate school and projects.

Read about this incredible system that Professor Scott Hudson and his students have designed, constructed and will ship to Uganda this summer.  Scott will be part of our summer travel team and will install these projects during this trip.


Thank you so much Scott and all your students!!

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