We Finished Our Walk

Well, we made it. We managed to cover all12 K of the 12 we planned. That translates to1k walked to honor each of our first Koi Koi Kids. Soon we’ll have Robin’s Nest near our original Koi Koi House and it will become home to a far larger number of deaf and disabled children.

The first pictures show ten of our first dozen kids as we first met them. They are almost all teenagers now and doing wonderfully because we cared for and loved them. And this was possible thanks to the help of so many of you. This new house will be for generations a safe, clean home of love and education.

I did not fall all because I had Kelly Mommakoikoi, Leo Geoffrion, and Rob Wright ( Barefoot) to lean on. Still, I am tired – really tired – as this is the longest I have walked in a year. Also I am VERY sore. But WE made it.

One last big push! If you have not donated yet, please get on it. Monday is the last day to contribute to help meet the $40,000 match challenge. Oh, and did I mention that I am REALLY sore.

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