Welcome to Our Two Newest Koi Koi Sons

Please meet our two newest Koi Koi sons. These kids are proof of

1)  why we must finish the Koi Koi house soon and

2)  why Uganda’s closing of orphanages is so horrendous.

Remember, when the new Koi Koi house is complete it will be designated as a boarding house because it in on our Busoga School’s land. As a result, “Robin’s Nest” will not be subject to the new policy that demands that orphanages be closed.

Lars and Moses found these two frightened boys on the street because their orphanage was closed, tossing the children out onto the streets. Obviously, we can’t take care of all the displaced children. But we can take care of Kabuye Shaban and Joshua Kennedy by making them our Koi Koi House sons.

There are many dangers for kids living on the street, not the least of which are hunger and the loss of access to clean water. Far worse is that human traffickers will be scooping up children like Kabuye and Joshua. But now Kabuye and Joshua are safe, because they will be living as our Koi Koi sons with their new brothers and sisters.

Both these children can be found on the sponsorship page. If you would like to sponsor Kabuye or Joshua, just let Kelly Mommakoikoi or me know.


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