We’re Walking Again on Sunday

This Sunday it’s again time to walk for a cause. And this time the cause is to replace our endangered orphanage by constructing a boarding house, Robin’s Nest. We are SO close to reaching the funding goal that we think we can walk there (pun intended).

THANKS to SO many of you, particularly two very generous donors. This includes of course our benefactor who made the $40,000 challenge donation.

Sunday, I plan to walk and wobble 12 km. My Kelly Mommakoikoi, Leo Geoffrion and Rob Wright will accompany me. We’ll cover 1km in honor of each of our first 12 Koi Koi kids. Koi Koi house residents number far more than twelve now. But Robin’s Nest will be able to house close to 100 deaf and disabled children.

Because we are so close to the total amount needed to build the new structure, we’ve started construction.  The history of your generosity makes us certain that we can get the balance. So, in the spirit of “bring ‘em home”, we confidently ask that you sponsor our walk. The site for pledges is https://www.thegivingcircle.org/wordpress/koikoikidshome/

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