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Help For Ukraine

Letters of Hope for Ukraine

Millions of Ukrainian refugees are flooding into Poland and the neighboring nations as they flee from the Russian invasion of their homes.  The Giving Circle has teamed with Saratoga’s Adam Israel, the founder of Letters of Hope for Ukraine, to deliver aid to refugees arriving in Poland.  Most are women, children, and old men — all of whom arrive with nearly nothing.

Adam is on site near the Poland/Ukraine border.  He works closely with other aid agencies to welcome the refugees, help supply them with essentials, and connect them with emergency housing.  Your money buys supplies, along with gas to transport them to homes throughout the region, — even a little cash to help them get started. 

Group each holding a letter to mail
Letters of hope from the US with $20 enclosed to help Ukranian refugees with expenses.
Group with bicycles
Many refugees stay in hotels and inns outside of villages. Shared bicycles help them reach stores and schools.

You can help!

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