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The Giving Circle Africa
The Giving Circle Africa

Kagoma Gate Friendship School & Busoga Primary School

In 2011, the Ugandan Government asked The Giving Circle to visit a village referred to as “the forgotten people – the poorest village in Uganda.” The Giving Circle responded by improving sanitation, building a school, a nursing/midwife clinic, and a communal kitchen for shared meals. We’ve worked with the residents to set up sustainable farming to provide badly needed income.

In 2014 The Giving Circle stepped in to help a struggling primary school in Kagoma, Uganda. Today The Giving Circle Africa Busoga Jr. School is our main school. Our goal in making this a Giving Circle school is to provide the best most advanced educational experience for the children.

Jungle Gym Busoga Playground

Our goals include:

  • Improve buildings and physical infrastructure of the school
  • Improved, advanced and cutting educational programs including new science curriculum
  • 5 year plan for school to be testing in the top 10 % of Ugandan schools
  • First school in Uganda to institute sign language program for every classroom and student
  • Improved water and well system
  • Each child involved in chess education
  • Improved gardens & food raising
  • Improved staff and staff training
Partner School

Academic Excellence

Each year’s travel to Uganda includes skilled teachers who help our Ugandan teachers learn  more effective methods, along with school supplies. The Queensbury, NY schools have adopted  our schools. 

At the end of Primary Grade 7 (P7), all Ugandan students sit for national exams that determine  if they graduate from school and whether they qualify for a trade school or university tract in their following grades. 

Over the past three years, 98% of our students graduated on their first try. By contrast, only  about 25% of the students in comparable village schools pass these exams.