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Chess Programs

The Giving Circle Africa
The Giving Circle Africa
Group at chess board

The Giving Circle Africa now teaches chess in both its Busoga and Kagoma Gate Schools. The children embrace the game as a fun challenge, and gives them the opportunity to visit other parts of Uganda. For the teachers, it’s a very effective means to teach logic and problem solving skills.

We are now seeking contributions and sustaining sponsorships to total $5,000 per year to cover the annual operating costs for the school chess programs.  These funds will pay for: Robert Katende and his coaches to travel from Kampala to coach the students, transporting the students to area chess tournaments, room and board when away at tournaments, admission fees, T-shirts and simple uniforms for the participants.

Why Chess?

Boy at chess board

Why teach chess to rural Ugandan children?

  • It’s a great way to learn logic, planning and strategy.
  • It builds pride, mastering a skill recognized worldwide.
  • It’s inexpensive and durable.
  • It needs no special equipment, tools, or electricity.
  • The chess tournaments bring the children recognition.
  • The travel exposes them to the broader Ugandan nation.
  • Most importantly: The children love it!

Our Wins!


Our children are chess winners!

Pictured above are the Chess Trophies won in 2020

In 2017: Nandutu Faith and Kakayi Hilda from our Kagoma Gate school were medalists in their divisions of the Uganda National School competition!

In 2015: Kagoma Gate Boys place 3rd in the Uganda National School Championships AND Kagoma Gate Girls place 5th in the Uganda National School Championships.

You Can Help!

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